ROH - Career PathFinder

  • uses real Royal Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (ROH) jobs
  • shows the qualifications, training and skills required to succeed in each of the job roles
  • allows you to map a route into a job with ROH
  • lists the continuing professional development required within a job and for progression
  • allows you to explore possible ‘next-step’ career moves showing the qualifications, training and skills you will need for alternative pathways
  • uses real-life examples from our staff to illustrate progression pathways taken at the ROH
  • uses Pathway Opportunity Maps (POMs) to demonstrate how it is possible to move from one job to another
  • is regularly updated by our Training & Development Manager so information is always current
  • provides links to learning opportunities within ROH for our staff
  • was designed in partnership with Education, Training and Development experts KeyOpps Ltd.